Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Are my responses truly anonymous?
Answer:  Yes.  No one in the district (including your teacher) can see the name of the person filling out this survey once it's been turned in.

Question:  If my responses are anonymous, why do I have to log in with my email address and password?
Answer:  Good question.  We only need you to sign in so that we can present you with surveys for your current teachers and classes.  (We're guessing that you probably don't want to fill out a survey on a Spanish class if you're taking French right now :-)  )    Once you turn in a survey by hitting the "Turn In This Survey" button, all information about you is disconnected from the survey so that the information you provide remains completely anonymous

Question:  Can anyone see my responses before I turn them in?
Answer:  No.  You are the only person that can access your surveys before they are turned in. 

Question:  What happens if I don't complete my surveys or don't turn them in?
Answer:  After a certain date (about 2 weeks after the surveys are made available to you) all unfinished surveys are turned in automatically.  The automatic process is the same as the manual process in that all information about you is removed from the survey once it's turned in.  If answers or entire surveys are left blank, your teacher will see that some questions went unanswered.  We won't track who does or does not complete surveys.   But, we do remind you that this is your opportunity to provide feedback to your teachers.  Unanswered questions don't help your teacher.  Your teacher wants to know what you think is or is not going well with your educational experience.  Honest and complete responses from you are really important because they help to make us better.

Question:  I'm having trouble with the survey program. How do I get help?
You can visit the Tech Center in your school for help during the school day.   You can also send an email message to and someone will email you back as quickly as possible with an answer to your question. (Note: when sending an email, please use your student email account (e.g.,  We'll answer emails that we know are from our students first to make sure you're getting the help you need.